Interspecies Invitational Installation

Where the Heck Did We Find All this Stuff?

Harvard’s Facility Maintenance Operations
Recycling & Solid Waste Removal Group

  • “Veritas” patches—hundreds and hundreds of them…
  • laminated Harvard maps
  • chocolate roses from the Business School
  • water polo nets
  • colorful computer wires and tubing
  • fabric
  • Hyptiotes veritas’ steamer trunk
  • and much much more

Harvard’s Facility Maintenance Operations
Custodial and Support Services

  • crimson ribbon—rolls and rolls of it for our “Veritas” ribbons
  • the brace
  • the rope
  • laughter

Harvard’s Office of the University Marshall

  • wrist bracelets from the 375th party
  • celebratory banner
  • and other birthday party goodies

Harvard Yard Operations or Yardops

  • lanyard

Museum of Comparative Zoology

Sidewalks of Avon Hill, Cambridge, MA

  • Hyptiotes veritas’ hand luggage