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Invertebrate Zoology Research Collections at the Museum of Comparative Zoology

When you ask big questions like Curator Gonzalo Giribet, sometimes you need to look at more than one organism. Prof. Giribet’s work is marked by asking big questions about evolution, biodiversity and biogeography. He studies the Tree of Life—how things are related –which takes him around the globe studying creatures that live in remote rainforests as well as deep in the sea—and almost every habitat in between.

Curator Giribet is an expert on Opiliones, also known as harvestmen or daddy-long-legs. Under his leadership, the Invertebrate Zoology Collections now have one of the largest Opiliones collections in the world.

Some of the places Prof. Giribet and his students have conducted fieldwork include New Caledonia, Greenland, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and most recently South Africa.

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